Art Deco Architecture In Rome

Hello, my name is Darrell Chaddock and I'm a photographer, web developer, and graphic artist in Vancouver.

I visited Rome back in the winter of 2006 with the express purpose of photographing some of the Art Deco architecture in the city. A sampling of the resulting photos are displayed here.

Actually what we now refer to as Art Deco was known in it's heyday - the 1920's and 30's - as Modernism, or in Italy as Futurism ( or Rationalism ).

Modernist style was influenced by a wide array of aesthetics ranging from Ancient Mayan, Egyptian, and Greek decorative motifs to Cubist painting and so-called Machine Age symbols. After the mid 1920's it became the dominant design trend in all industrialized countries and was applied to a host of products and forms.

While Art Deco's days of dominance in style has long since receded it remains a much appreciated aesthetic with many people - myself included - to this day.

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