Foro Italico

The Foro Italico is a sports complex in Rome that was completed in 1938. It was originally named the Foro Mussolini and today it exists as a fine example of Italian Futurist architecture.

Included in the grounds of the Foro Italico are some fine mosaics that are of an unmistakeable Futurist style. Most of the mosaics depict sporting scenes but some are blatantly political and pay homage to Mussolini and to his Fascist ideology. It's surprising that such pro-Fascist public art remains on display today. This is especially odd when we consider the fact the Foro Italico is right next door to the stadium where Rome hosted the 1960 Summer Olympics.

Fascist propaganda mosaic in Rome

Above is a mosaic from the Foro Italico showing men giving the Fascist salute and the word "Duce" (ie. Mussolini himself) repeated several times. This is a stark example of how Italian Futurism and Fascism often partnered to promote Fascist ideology.

While other Fascist regimes, notably in Germany and Spain, suppressed Modernist art, Mussolini embraced the style and unfortunately this sometimes resulted in beautiful, but very misguided, design.

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